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Correct Your Eye Sight Over Night- Sleep your prescription away!

The key to great vision without the need of spectacles or contact lenses during the day could be as simple as a good night’s sleep.

The revolutionary Ortho K contact lens is used at night to gently reshape the surface of the eye. Once the desired effect is obtained no spectacles are needed during the day.

Ortho Keratology has taken the world by storm and is now available at optometrists who have done further studies in advance contact lens fitting and who have invested in this great technology.

What a great alternative for the patients who do not want to take the risk of corrective laser surgery or who do not qualify for that procedure. This alternative to laser surgery is also at a fraction of the cost! The biggest advantage is that most medical schemes will pay for these lenses.

According to Mr Willem Pieterse a well known optometrist who fit these lenses, Ortho K is an option that is comfortable, provides great vision and has transformed the quality of life for many patients.

Ortho K has already been done for thousands of patients worldwide and has been available for more than a decade. New technology measures the topography or shape of the eye to determine the first lens which is mathematically calculated and then ordered from Australia. Up to -6,00 diopters can be treated with the presence of astigmatism and even the post Lasik patients who need re-correction are often candidates.

Ortho K contact lenses should not be confused with extended wear (used day and night) soft contact lenses since it is only worn for 6-8 hours per night. Large extended studies done over 7 years have shown that Ortho K is safe and totally reversible. Further when lens wear is discontinued the eye will return to its original shape. It has also been proved to have a similar low risk profile as seen with general soft daily contact lens wear.

Another great advantage of Ortho K lenses is myopia (nearsightness) control in children. The shown halting effect of myopia progression for children is strongly advocated and it is suggested that it should be offered to all children wearing spectacles for distance correction.

Most moms and dads who have had the experience of wearing corrective spectacles at school age will remember that their prescription got higher and higher as they continued through school and university. It is this progression which can be controlled when children are assisted with Ortho K retainer lenses.  To have your child be spectacle free at school has major benefits.

For more information on frequently asked questions, an interesting video of myopia progression in children and of how the Ortho K lens works, visit the website: or phone (010)100 3824.

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