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Do you have dry eyes?

Do you know how the French discovered the first real dry eye treatment?

One of my patients made this statement recently: “No one can understand what a person with chronic hurtful, dry eyes goes through until they live through the actual symptoms themselves”.  He also mentioned that most friends and othershave no reference of this problem.

Imagine driving on the freeway and all of a sudden your eyes start to burn so much that you have to stop your car there and then, to wash your face to relieve the discomfort?

Imagine,while reading through your emails, your eyes start to water and burn excessively,and you just have to stop what you are doing?  Did you know this is often the reason why people put a good book down and avoid reading?

We all know someone with an eye that water excessively and has to be wiped constantly; frequently this watery discharge is surprising a sign of chronic dry eye. Dry eye often starts with symptoms such as fluctuation of vision, watery discharge, blurry vision and light sensitivity which leads to burning, scratchy eyes; especially during reading or when you blink less, due to concentration when working on your computer. In the U.S. more than 40% of the working group can relate to this problem.

Thankfully the French developed a new revitalising technology; something that can make the eyes younger. For the first time in history a real solution exists to stop the use of chronic eye drops!The device is called E-EYE. A high-tech solution that does not hurt!

Each eye gets a series of 5 flashes of polychromatic light delivered to the skin around the lower eyelid.  The energy and time period are precisely set to stimulate the Meibomian glands, to return to their normal function, secreting again all the essential components of the tear film. The device works by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system,restoring the workings of the eye-glands and quality of the tears.  Only 3 treatments are needed for success in most patients. It is important to keep to your schedule of day 1, 14, 45 and therefore any holidays you are planning needs to be taken into consideration.

This, well-tested, device makes the eye glands younger, similar to putting fresh engine oil back into a car’s engine. Amazingly, studies show that the E-EYE device is successful in treating Dry Eye Syndrome in more than 9 out of 10 cases and could easily last for 2 years, or longer. Although the flashes are extremely bright and feel warm on your skin, there is no pain or significant discomfort.  It will not affect your ability to drive, following the treatment.  40 000 treatments has already been done in Australia and all over Europe, and this new treatment, has already received GOLD status. The Gold standard is classified as the most effective and best medical treatment option for the condition. The impressive success rate gets patients to the edge of their seat and the cost for the 3 session’s shows to be really good value for money.

Often people suffering from dry, red and painful eyes are embarrassed when their colleagues and peers ask if they have been drinking, or why they look so tired due to swollen lids. Only 5 machines are available in South Africa, and Pieterse Optometrists in JHB has invested in this extraordinary technology.

Major associated factors that can cause dry eye disease are previous eye surgery, menopause in women, health conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid problems and even diabetes. Medication such as antihistamines, antidepressants, hormone replacement therapy, certain blood pressure medications and birth control pills also increase the risk for dry eye.

At Pieterse Optometrists, we have patients travelling from as far as Botswana and the Karoo area for this dry eye treatment. We are super excited to be one of the first optometry practices in the country, to offer this revolutionary treatment and it is rewarding to see how patients improve with the 3 treatments.

Patients become independent oftheir eye drops and 25 % of patients will already rave about significant improvement of their symptoms after the first treatment. The E-EYE machine takes your ocular health back to the good old days when you were young& you never had dry eye problems. Nice to know that part of your body can actually become younger

For more information contact Pieterse Optometrists JHB Westrand at 010 100 3824/ 064 5432607 or visit

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