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Kids Winter Promo -Free spectacle lenses for Kids

At Pieterse Optometrists we are passionate about helping our community!

Our Winter promo has just started which means that Kids can now all afford to have clear and good vision. Statistics in S.A show that less than 20% of Kids have an comprehensive eye test before graduating which is something we would like to change. Our Kids Promo gives free spectacle 1.5 single vision stock lenses to all school kids who visit us for an eyetest and purchases a frame. T& C APPLY

Natasha Pieterse is our Pediatric Optometrist focusing on Kids eye care.

Recently Natasha has completed the The Red Apple Dyslexia Course for diagnosis and treatment of Dyslexia.
Her newest venture currently is the start of Biolink Attention Training center in Krugersdorp where our aim is to build the confidence of children and to provide parents with the necessary skills by providing individualized concentration and behavior control . Biolink is the leader in behavioral, cognitive and educational training. We provide Bio-Feedback exercises to help improve concentration and focus for all individuals; young and old, including those with ADD / ADHD.

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