Ortho-k Patient Testimonials

Ortho K lenses have shown to be very rewarding, helping patients to enjoy life without lenses or spectacles during the day.



We have asked our own patients to share their stories and to tell us about their lifestyle, previous attempts at vision correction and their experience with OrthoK.


Newest Patient testimonies:

Patient name: Byron _Correcting my vision at night !

Area: Pretoria     AGE 25            Date:  March 2018

Heard about Ortho- Keratology (Ortho K ) contact lenses through a friend. This Contact lens corrects your vision while you sleep removing the need for spectacles during the day. I was looking for a better alternative to laser eye surgery. The process has been quick and easy and I am highly impressed with the results after just 2 weeks. Highly recommend Ortho k contact lenses to anyone looking at getting rid of their glasses as an alternative to Lasik eye surgery.


Patient name: Cashriq  (Halt of Myopia progression for Children )

Area: Durban   Age: 10      Date: 5 April 2018

My son was diagnosed with Myopia -4.50 and needed to stop myopia progression and this is considered bad for a 10 year old. I researched and came across Pieterse Optometrists who does Ortho-K lenses . I was nervous at first because this is my son’s eye but we took the step and have no regret. It was the best thing ever; I cannot explain how overjoyed we all were to have my son “see perfectly” without the need of spectacles during the day. I would definitely recommend Ortho- k to anyone and everyone to stop myopia progression and be spectacle free!

It’s definitely a life changing step but in very positive way, to have my son see what I see is priceless. I also totally recommend Willem Pieterse, he is passionate and that is very rare. He cares and he is so patient. I will travel all the way from Durban just for a visit because I value his expertise. The staff is equally as passionate and caring.

Thank you so much Pieterse Optometrists.

Jolene  (Mother of patient)

Tumelo (Age: 17)   Area: Sandton: Ortho K -no more specs or contact lenses during the day!

I’m a high school student and I didn’t like glasses so preferred contact lenses, I had a minus 6 myopic prescription! Willem Pieterse is my first Optometrist and my experience with him has been great. I’ve grown with him and been a patient of his for 4 years now.

I find the ortho k contact lenses easy to use and prefer them over soft contact lenses. I just put them on when I sleep and take them out when I wake up. Now I don’t need spectacles anymore during the day, and I see great. They also make it easier for when you want to swim.

Deon –  JHB( Randburg) -Ortho_K ch​anged my life!

I am in my 30’s and  have been wearing spectacles for most of my life before I was introduced to Orthokeratology.

Previously I had a -6D myopic prescription, and constantly used either specs or soft contact lenses during the day to function.

These are the benefits I found with Ortho-K:

Peripheral vision: previously this was limited due to my poor eyesight. Ortho K gives me great vision.

Convenience: Wow, no need to wear spectacles or contact lenses during the day! I can swim and there now no need to take contact lenses with; no risk of them being washed out.

Comfort: Dry eye is something of the past! The aircon at the office used to dry out my eyes on the days that I wore daytime contact lenses – No longer an issue!

Security: When I wake up at night I can still see with my Ortho-K lenses, hence no more thumbing around in the dark for glasses. The world is a bigger place since I always had a “reduction in since” effect with the spectacles; no I see things in real size.

This has been worthwhile and really a life improvement for me…Thanks



– Extra Ortho K testimonials:



Keratoconus Patient Testimonials

Scleral lenses are exceptionally comfortable, provide great vision and have transformed the quality of life for patients with Keratoconus even after corneal transplant surgery. Most patients would agree that the comfort of these lenses is similar to soft contact lenses.  The secret of scleral lenses is that they do not touch on the sensitive corneal tissue, but rather vaults the cornea with fluid resting on the “white” of the eye called the scleral. There is an absence of friction; constant moisture on the eye and adequate oxygen levels, which leads to higher visual function and comfort.

Scleral lenses can also be used for severe dry eye, corneal corrective surgery complications, intolerance to small RGP corneal lenses and traumatic corneal injuries.


This is what our own patients say about scleral lenses…

Newest Scleral lens testimonies:

Patient name: Mr Coetzer      Area: Vereeniging               Age: 40        Date:  25 February 2020

After my Cross-linking for my Keratoconus, I decided to go for hybrid lenses, only because there was no one near me that did scleral contact lens fitting and Hybrids were recommended. Although Hybrid’s worked, I always wanted the new scleral contact lenses. At that stage I searched the web and came across Pieterse Optometrists. I was surprised to see they specialize in scleral contact lenses and Keratoconus. When my second pair of Hybrid contact lenses was done, I decided to make the trip up to the West rand. I was welcomed by friendly staff and was surprised at the amount of detail and thoroughness of the scleral contact lens fitting. Needless to say, I am extremely happy with my new scleral contact lenses. The scleral contact lenses are very comfortable and my vision is excellent. If I could rate Willem and his team, out of 10, I would give them 21.

Patient name:  Mrs C Smith    Area: Johannesburg          Age: 75      Date:  19 March 2020

I started wearing small Hard corneal contact lenses when I was 17 for Keratoconus, I was very grateful for them and although not comfortable I loved that they improved my vision. Willem fitted me with the new option and I have now worn a scleral contact lens contact lens for one year. I can confirm my vision is very clear and it is so comfortable sometimes I fall asleep with it still in my eye. I am so happy with my wonderful scleral contact lens, it is my best possession.

Patient name: Mrs Dreyer         Area: Hartbeespoort          Date of testimonial:  11/11/2019

Poor eyesight, due to a combination of Astigmatism and Keratoconus, rendered the use of only prescription spectacles ineffective and in 2010 doctor Stef Guglielmetti referred me to an optometrist recommending scleral contact lenses as the next consideration.  Consequently I was fitted with Hybrid contact lenses and successfully used SynergyEye contact lenses since 2011 up to 2017, however since 2017 success with the contact lenses decreased and constant ghosting hampered easy sight, specifically reading for prolonged times. Mid of 2019 my optometrist referred me back to the Ophthalmologist as it appeared all available options with the Hybrid contact lenses provided were exhausted.

The Ophthalmologist, indicated there was no cause for serious concern and advised on request based on geographic position and the type of contact lenses that I could make an appointment with Willem Pieterse. It was uncertain which options would be available and I felt uncertain of the way forward after being spoiled with notably improved sight and easy wearing with Hybrid contact lenses for my first five years of wearing contact lenses. The hope that there would be an end to my frustration pushed me into action, I could no longer accept not seeing properly and being less effective at work. Being reluctant to change but keen to see, I made some prior inquiries with other optometrists , all who assured me to expect only the best care and encouraged me to relax.

In retrospect, any concerns I had were unnecessary. Not only were the whole team at Pieterse Optometrists friendly , patient, thorough in explaining all the detail and answering every question, they assure me during the process that I were welcome at any stage to raise any concerns I had. Willem Pieterse recommended we consider we consider scleral contact lenses and we progressed from the original examination, through a set of re-examinations to the initial lens fitting.

At no time did I expect the fitting of the scleral contact lenses to be easy, however with the kind assistance of Ester and Willem, the fitting were over in no time and I were home wearing my scleral contact lenses (10 hours the Sunday after first receiving the lenses )

Not only has Mr Pieterse and the team provided a practical solution to improve my vision but they have done it with the utmost care and extreme professionalism. I was extremely stressed about my vision , but the speed of service, constant communication and ultimately scleral contact lenses I can see with , is evidence of Willem Pieterse’s knowledge ,dedication and skill.

Patient name: Daniel Renna       from: Botswana Gaborone  Age: 47   Date: July 2019

I was referred because of my Keratoconus and I was apprehensive about contact lenses. I waited for several months before booking an appointment, then I learned about scleral contact lenses and thought it could be something to try.

The scleral contact lenses were a bit different at first but with time they became easier to put in and really my vision has improved significantly.

The Staff Ester and Lerato are amazingly friendly and were very helpful and provided support every step of the way.  The Optometrist Willem Pieterse is very knowledgeable and supportive, the MOST positive optical experience I’ve ever had. Thanks


Patient name: Mr Brits  Area: Pretoria  Age: 44   Date: June 2019

Scleral Hard lenses after corneal transplant!

Being diagnosed with keratoconus after schooI I wore RGP lenses for more than a decade.  Following a cornea transplant I was lucky enough to have sufficient vision in the one eye to enable me to stop wearing RGP lenses.

Over time my vision deteriorated to the point where I had to consider wearing RGP lenses again.  Seeking a different solution I found  Pieterse Optometrist online through their website. The scleral lenses Mr Pieterse fitted me with is just brilliant.  The difference in comfort compared the RGP lenses is simply indescribable.

A big thank you to Willem and the team at Pieterse Optometrists.  You have made a big difference in my life.——————————————————————————————————————————————————-








Patient name: Mr Parkinson  Area: Johannesburg  Age: 39   Date: 22 may 2018

I did have hard contact lenses before and was not happy with the comfort but  I have found scleral lenses to be much better. The team at Pieterse Optometrists have been incredibly friendly and helpful. My new scleral lenses are a big improvement in vision and comfort ; so far no regrets!

Patient name: Takalani     Area: Secunda   Age: 21  . Corneal Cross linking and Scleral lens Testimonial !

I was previously diagnosed with Keratoconus and had cross-linking surgery done on my left eye which was unsuccessful, this then lead to having Kera-rings inserted into my left cornea/eye. This slightly improved my vision but did not make a significant difference. Scleral lenses have drastically improved my vision, I am most aware of it during my lecture classes, because of the scleral lenses I no longer need to sit right in front in class in order to see the lecture slides!  I can sit at the back and have a very comfortable view at the class.

Patient name: Jamal           Area: Pretoria         Age: 26

I have suffered from Keratoconus for the past 14 years and did try spectacles and hard contact lenses. When I was younger Hard Contact lenses were extremely uncomfortable. My experience with the new imported scleral lenses are very comfortable and my vision has really improved dramatically. Thank you so much for helping me.

Patient name:  Selva                                 Area: Sunninghill JHB North  Age: 67        Date: march 2018

Patient was referred by the eye specialist Dr Stef Guglielmetti.

For the last 20 years I have had Keratoconus and have been almost blind. My vision is poor with spectacles but  Since being fitted with the scleral contact lens , it has been life changing  and I can see the smallest detail now and even see in the night . I can only imagine the possibilities once the right eye is fitted with the lens as well.Thanks to Willem and his team. What a Great solution for Keratoconus and poor vision .

Px: Joshua       Age 14                                                Area:  Randfontein_ Northwest                          Date:  March 2018

I was diagnosed with Irregular cornea’s , had cross-linking done in September 2017 and was referred by Dr Raman Abdullah. Mr Willem Pieterse has a special intrest in advanced corneal cases and  has been helping me every step of the way, even though I was nervous for scleral contact lenses for Keratoconus. After a few visits I could see clearly, proper training was given accordingly. This is a life changing experience for me, I love the journey accompanied by Mr Willem and his staff. Thank you for excellent service, I appreciate your help.

Patient name: Itumeleng                                      Area: Northgate  JHB       Age: 27    Date:  March 2018

I was referred by Optometrist David Richards for RGP hard contact lens option called a sclera contact lens at Pieterse Optometrists, after diagnosis of Keratoconus;  I struggled with terrible vision,couldn’t see far and struggled with driving. At first I was very nervous and did not know what to expect from the first visit. After putting on the scleral lenses I felt vision was clear and was very comfortable. These lenses have changed my life dramatically, improving my vision significantly and I can recommend it to anybody who is considering scleral. The service at Pieterse Optometrists was excellent and they made me feel comfortable.

Can they help to improve your vision with Keratoconus?  For Sure !


Mr Doherty (Age 50+) Johannesburg: Scleral lenses for irregular cornea’s.

I am a park ranger at the JHB City Parks. We visit the parks also after hours, at night and I couldn’t see properly especially when the road was dark with no street lights. It was a real struggle to preform my duties properly.

I have Keratoconus in both eyes and underwent corneal graft surgery. I was wearing glasses at the time but my vision still weren’t up to standard.

Scleral contact lenses changed my Life; the comfort and results were amazing! My vision has improved dramatically and I don’t struggle to see at night anymore. The contact lenses are also very comfortable to wear and it does not feel like I am wearing any lenses at all.

Before these lenses I couldn’t see this well in my entire life; It really has changed my life for the better; I am very grateful.

Thank you Willem, I salute you!

Miss Nadia (Age 30) from Johannesburg – Scleral Lenses after corneal cross linking !

I was diagnosed with Keratoconus in 2015 and had my cross linking done in 2017. Before having the cross linking my vision were so bad that I couldn’t even drive, read or even watch television.

I was referred by doctor Maleka who did my cross linking and my contact lenses were done by optometrist Willem Pieterse.

My experience with the contact lenses is amazing. I see things that I could not see before. Things are so much clearer now and I can see the smallest detail. Having bad vision for so long has become like a lifestyle for me so when I got the lenses it was like a whole new world for me. It is truly an amazing feeling being able to see again.

Barbara (AGE 50+)  from West Rand (Roodepoort, JHB) – Much better vision after RK Corneal surgery complication.

In 1990 I was selected for laser treatment (Radial Keratotomy) and the treatment was done by Dr. Grobbelaar. The treatment was successful and for many years no spectacles were needed, however after 8-10 years a visit to an optician became necessary and they referred me back to Dr. Grobbelaar for cataract surgery. The diagnosis by the eye specialist was that both Corneas were getting distorted. I was then referred to Pieterse Optometrist for advanced contact lens fitting. Scleral lenses were suggested as the best option and my vision improved dramatically.

It takes practice to get the lens in correctly and getting used to. The lenses itself is definitely a huge value to me and I cannot believe that this lenses restored my eye sight. I can refer this new type of lens to any person with this type of corneal problem.

Miss Vuyelwa  – Potchefstroom: Complex Contact lens fitting after Corneal Transplant !

My vision problems started at the age of 3 years which resulted in numerous visits to the Ophthalmologist. The first corneal transplant failed which was done by a doctor in my home town; I was then referred to the Ophthalmologist in Johannesburg Dr Stef Guglielmetti who helped me to recover my vision. It was also recommended to see the optometrist Willem Pieterse for scleral RGP lens fitting.Since then I am able to see clearly with right eye.

My vision improved a lot and I can even see ugly hand writings. My self esteem is boosted and my working pace at school has improved.

Nyasha  (age 17) – Scleral lenses improved my vision!

My name is Nyasha and we stay in the Alberton area, I was treated by Dr T Maleka for Keratoconus. Mr Willem Pieterse helped me to improve my vision and fitted me with scleral contact lenses.

Wow! I couldn’t imagine I would be able to get normal vision. I was almost blind but now my vision is quite good and I can now even sit right at the back our class. Thank you so much!

Charlene (Ouderdom:26) Gebied: Kempton Park – Nuwe hoop met Keratokonus!

Ek is in 2014 gediagnoseer met Keratokonus en was verskriklik bang. n mens begin navorsing doen en raak bekommerd. In 2017 is ek verwys na Pieterse Oogkundiges. My visie was baie swak. Die Optometrist Elizma Victor van Specsavers Medicross in Edenvale het my verwys vir gevorderde kontak lens passing.

Ek het die eerste keer in Febuarie 2017 Willem Pieterse besoek. Mr Pieterse het voorgestel dat ons sklerale lenses probeer. Dit is uitstekend hoe goed ek kan sien en vandag sal ek nie my lewe sonder dit kan in sien nie. Die kontak lense is baie gemaklik om te dra .Ek is baie te vrede met Pieterse Oogkundiges vir al die ondersteuning.


Extra scleral lens patient testimonials…


Odirile Age: 25 Area: Ruimsig, JHB – Improved vision after cross linking!

I discovered I had Keratoconus after a consultation at Torga Optical, I was then referred to Dr T Maleka for Cross linking to correct the vision problem. I was asked to visit Willem at Pieterse Optometrist after my operation to consult and receive Scleral contact lenses to completely correct my vision.

The lenses were slightly uncomfortable but that only for 5-10 minutes. Now they fit like a dream and my vision has never been better. I can see in HD now. The service feels like you are at home, everyone is friendly and joyful and they do their best to make you feel like family.