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The latest Treatment for Dry eye -exciting results!

We are one of the first official Dry eye centers! We are excited about our outcomes because at last, we can offer a unique treatment plan after doing extensive research and traveling to find the best and most effective regimes to have a great outcome. The newest addition of equipment is our secret weapon.

Most Optometrists will only dispense eye drops, here at the Dry eye center with our special holistic approach we provide great results; more than 85% of our patients show a significant improvement.

We are passionate about new innovative ways to help our patients, and our Dry eye center has become such a rewarding adventure. We can now help so many people. Patients are referred from all over.

92% of patients would recommend the treatment and our results are linked with international Dry eye studies. The results speak for themselves and currently, we are one of the first practices in South Africa offering this level of assistance and results.

We have seen and helped patients with severe symptoms who can’t drive from PTA to JHB without having to pullover, rinse their eyes, and insert drops.

It easy to recognize patients suffering from Dry eye and one in five people know the problem. Red swollen eye and eyelids, being super sensitive to daylight, and avoiding driving with an open window or with the aircon on are some of the symptoms many patients experience.

There is also a strong link between dry eye patients and people that have diabetes, rheumatoid problems, people who had eye surgery and with ladies moving into their 50’s.

Our optometrists prefer a holistic approach to dry eye care. We provide a detailed analysis to find an effective outcome for patients. To find out more call us at 010 100 3824, or visit our website, Search – The Dry eye center S.A.