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What is the best contact lens fluid to fill my RGP scleral lens?

Re-look at pH when filling my scleral lens or hybrid lens for Dry eye.

The Question to answer what is the best solution or filling fluid to use when wearing scleral lenses?

Studies by Patrick J,Caroline and Mark P.André show that different saline 0.9% NaCl scleral solutions can have significant different pH measurements. Overall the preservative free solutions assist with dry eye, post surgical corneal cross linking (CXL) and Keratoconus management in scleral lenses. It has been found that patients who have dry eye tend to do better with a slightly more buffered solution, showing more comfort with the initial application and at the end of the day.


What was interesting for us to discover was that most patients felt that using a combination of the solutions below gave much less dryness sensation and resolved corneal haze. When reviewing these patients we were removing the lenses and looking at the cornea’s and it seems that the cornea health is also much happier with this option BELOW! The higher viscosity of the Celluvisc UD that is placed first into the scleral lens when filling the lens makes a huge difference.

Our recommended saline combination at Pieterse Optometrist for filling is the following:

Start with Celluvisc ud (2-3 drops ) + top up with preservative free such as saline Purilens/ or Lens plus (4 drops) .